※ YOKOMO 834B관련 DATA는 Naver OLD RC카페의 Gatlin님 정리본에서 발최 하였습니다.^^

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/YZ-834B  참조

1983 - YZ-834B Dog Fighter (19,800Yen)  

  • Front mono shock
  • Rear mono shock
  • Chain drive 4WD system
  • Front oneway axles with solid center shaft
  • Rear Ball differential
  • Rear Anti Roll Bar
  • Dog Fighter Body
  • 1.75" yellow wheels and Dunlop engraved spike tires
  • 05R stock motor for 8 minute race
  • Mechanical speed controller Forward/Break. and with a relay for reverse
  • 19,800 Yen
  • The first version of the gears were not strong enough
  • Motor plate was very weak and bent easy. this problem was not fixed to their last 834B model

1985 - YZ-834B Wonder Dog Fighter (25,000Yen)    (I have an used car)
         / 1985 IFMAR World Champion (Gil Losi, Jr)

  • Thicker chassis with small bumper
  • Improved front shock
  • Rear dual shock
  • Torque limiter
  • Improved gears (they made new gears at 1984)
  • Longer front lower arms
  • Reinforced rear swing arms
  • New Wonder Dog Fighter body based on Bolink Funco body
  • New rear shocks leak


My 834B Wonder Dog Foghter.


1985 - YZ-834B Wonder Dog Fighter Limited Edition (28,000Yen)

  • 360SX Twin Turbo motor for 6 minute race
  • 1986 - YZ-834B Wonder Dog Fighter  SE  (29,800Yen)

    • Super Aero wheels (aka tornado wheels)
    • Hot Laps R-5 2" tires
    • 360SX Twin Turbo motor for 6 minute race
    • 29,800 Yen

    1986 - YZ-834B Wonder Dog Fighter  RPS SE

    • Fiberglass Chassis with black bumper
    • New body and New Roll bar
    • Improved shocks
    • 05R stock motor
    • New RPS tires made by Pro-line with 1.75" yellow wheels
    • SE10 Standard Kit
    • SE11 Deluxe Kit (with NMB Bearings)

    1988 - YZ-870C Super Dog Fighter (28,000Yen)

             / 1989 IFMAR World Champion (Masami Horosaka /1987 IFMAR Champion with Schumachar CAT)

    My 870C Super Dog Foghter.

            1989 -  YZ-870C Super Dog Fighter Custom (39,800Yen)

            1989 -  YZ-870C Super Dog Fighter WC (150,000Yen)

    1991 - Super Dog Fighter Works 91 (39,800Yen)

    1992 - Super Dog Fighter Works 92 (17,500Yen)

    1992 - Super Dog Fighter Works 93 (42,500Yen)

    1993 - YZ-10 (29,800Yen)

    My YZ-10.

    1995 - Hot Dog (13,800Yen)  ->  (I have an unused Car!)

    My Hot Dog. (Assembly Completed)



    1997 - MX-4 (39,800Yen) (I have an used car)

    MX-4 Super Dog Fighter YMP Version (Yokomo Miracle car Project)

    분리형 어퍼 데크를 일체형으로 변경하고, 샤시의 형태도 변경.

    완성된 형태. MR4-BX 월드스팩과 비슷한 형상.

    분리형 어퍼에서 일체형 어퍼로의 변경도 같은 수순..

    My MX-4

    1999 - MR4-BC  Super Dog Fighter2 (19,800Yen) (I have an unused Car and a NIB!)

    MR4-BC Rebuilt is Here  -> http://free73.tistory.com/129

    2006 - MR-4BX (Yen)

    2006 - MR-4BX Factory Kit (70,350Yen)
    • Front /  Rear Hard Unversaljointshock
    • Front One-way
    • Rear Belt-tensioner
    • Factory Body
    • Long Rear Shock Shaft
    • Hard Rear Upper Deck
    • Aluminum Front Brace 

    2007 - MR-4BX World Spec  -> (I have an unused Car!)


    My MR-4BX World Spec. (Assembly Completed)

    2008 - B-Max4  (22,890Yen)

    2009- B-Max4  Factory Kit (43,890Yen)  -> (I have an unused Car! and an used car)

    My B-MAX4 Factory Kit.

    My another B-MAX4 Factory Kit. (Assembly Completed)

    2011 - B-Max4 II & Factory Kit (45,990Yen)          

    참조  Link -> http://free73.tistory.com/124

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